Potting Shed

If you are nursing a green thumb this spring, look no farther than this gabled Potting Shed! It comes standard as either an 8×12 or a 10×12, but either way, you get plenty of windows to let in the sun and air! The 8×12 contains no less than 29 windows on its 4 sides, while the 10×12 boasts a grand total of 33!

Additionally, the roof is composed solely of polycarbonate roofing panels manufactured for skylights that offer superior light-transmission rates and load ratings. The Potting Shed features shelves of generous size. All the shelving is 2 feet deep and built with treated lumber for maximum longevity. The flooring is also made of treated lumber decking. No need to worry about water spillage while watering your plants; the cracks between the boards allow the water to easily escape.

Our Potting Shed is available with custom options as well as local delivery. Give us a call today and start growing your plants in style!


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  • Buildings are built on 4”x6” pressure treated skids.
  • Skids are notched 3/4” at each floor joist to provide maximum strength.
  • All exposed wood is (“Wolmanized”) pressure treated and has a lifetime warranty against termite damage and decay.
  • Pressure treated CDX plywood floor decking is placed with staggered joints for added strength.
  • Pressure treated premium grade siding is used on all buildings. Premium grade OSB is used for roof decking.
  • Fiberglass seal down shingles are used for roofing.
  • Aluminum drip edge is used to keep interior wood from getting wet.
  • Heavy duty 2x4 reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain and rodents.
  • Doors are key lockable for your protection.
  • All exposed nails are of the ring shank style and thick coated galvanized for maximum strength and do not rust.
  • #1 white grilled windows
  • All buildings are treated with a weather resistant sealer.
  • Series of air vents are positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.
  • Double 2x4 every 4’ on wall framing.

Potting Shed Sizes

shed size shed size shed size
shed size shed size

Custom Options


9' Roll-up Door


6' Heavy Duty Ramp


Double Door with Arch Glass

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