Free Delivery & Setup Within 40 Miles


Our delivery process is very simple if you have enough access for your building to be delivered to your site. Openings in fences and around obstacles need to be wide enough for your building to enter thru, with enough clearance to make necessary turns. Delivery driver is not responsible for removal of fences, gates, trees or limbs. Homestead Barns is not responsible for any damage done to your yard or your neighbors yard if you, the customer, give us permission to deliver the portable building across their yard. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain any needed permits, property line information, HOA permission, etc. If Homestead Barns or any of their personnel will need to come back and move the structure, there will be a charge.

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Site Prepration

Our portable buildings can be setup right in your backyard. However, for the larger buildings and potentially wet yards, we recommend to put down a gravel base 4” to 6” thick of crushed rock. This gives you the best drainage and also prevents your building from settling and sinking into the dirt.

Purchasing 2” or 4” solid concrete blocks from a local Home Improvement Store is another inexpensive option many customers use. We recommend a block every 8’ on each runner. Have the blocks close to the spot where your site is and our delivery driver will place themunder the building for you. Our delivery drivers will provide treated wooden blocking to finish leveling and shimming if concrete blocks are not provided.